Save your


Who for?

The service is dedicated for entrepreneurs, advertising agencies and private individuals who post ads in the media. Anyone who wants to consciously select the media in which they are planning to buy advertising space will be able to optimize their campaigns through the functionality of the site.


You will save your time


because the system compares the different media in terms of their efficiency in getting a particular type of information across to the appropriate target group.

You will optimize your costs


because the system allows automatic monitoring of the ads in various media, as well as refreshing and moving them comfortably between media.

You can employ a scale effect


because the system allows for batch creation of ads and posting them in multiple channels at once, while ensuring the option to select individual parameters for various communication channels.

You will have lower rates


because the system allows you to manage discounts on ads added by the ads’ recipients

You will have records


because the system allows you to generate market reports about ads posted to the media

About us

Ad2media is a service that provides comprehensive management support for ads meant for the media, starting with an analysis of the particular communication channels (newspapers) in terms of geographical range, circulation, profile and comparing this data with the ad cost. Apart from that it ensures the option for posting ads in various media, the possibility of returning to an ad already posted and posting it again, it provides support for graphic agencies in the course of developing module ads and even goes as far as providing the ability to analyze historical data on posted ads, their costs and deadlines.

You can expand to international markets


, since the system compares the Polish and the British media